About the products

We have added most of the car models but it is impossible to add all of them! So you can go to your brand’s category and choose the option ‘Other’ under the car model section, or you can visit this special category to submit your order.

ATTENTION: Please make sure that you have contacted us before you submit your order to inform us which is your exact model, especially if you own a rare or a specially designed model.

You can contact us directly by sending us an e-mail:


Our products are 100% custom made to fit each car model. Once we receive your order, your seat covers will be ready to get shipped within 3-4 working days. All of our products are MADE IN THE EU.

In short, the possible combinations are all you can imagine!

Since our products are custom-made, you can ask for any possible color/material combination. You can even choose the stitching color in some of them! (specifically for Rhombus Leatherette and Rhombus Cotton with black in the middle)

From our experience, we have added the best combination suggestions as our listings, but you can still ask for your own unique combo!

– Leatherette
– ‘Rhombus’ Leatherette
– ‘Polygon’ Leatherette
– ‘Luxurious’ Leatherette: Light and Dark Pattern
– Cotton
– ‘Rhombus’ Cotton
– ‘The Dots Pattern’ (Cotton)
– ‘The Diamond Pattern’ (Fabric)
– Carbon
– Synthetic
– Velour

All of our raw materials come from the EU and the final products are made in Athens, Greece.


These car seat covers are made to be installed easily without using any tools, and they can be installed within minutes!

Along with your product you will also receive the installation instructions, and apart from that you can find an installation video here!

The only products that might be a little more difficult to install are products for the back seats, and that’s because in some car models you’ll need to unistall the back seats so as for the covers to fit. But this applies only on the rear seats and not the front.

Again though, you will not need any tools, juuuust a little bit of a patience!

These seat covers cover the whole seat, not only the front surface but the back as well (while the rest of the covers, cover the whole front surface and only the upper part of the back, for easier installation and for keeping the seat’s back “pocket” open). This is the only difference!

The seat covers are packed in such a way to ensure safe delivery, but we can add a gift and a birthday message or a card for your beloved ones if you wish!

Safety first! The seat covers we produce are designed in such a way that allow airbags to deploy freely.

Payments, Returns and Shipping

You can purchase our products either by using your PayPal or your credit card.

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We accept returns within 14 days after the receipt of your order, and we also provide a full refund given the fact that there was no damage or use of the product.

If for any reason, you wish to return a product, the first step you need to follow, before taking any other action, is to contact the customer support team in order to give all the necessary details, via the e-mail addresses below:


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Kindly note that the customer has to cover the shipping charges back to us. We will take full responsibility for the return-shipping charges in case the item is in any way faulty or the rare case that a product, other than the one you have ordered, has been sent to you by mistake.

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We always send our products with a tracking number so you can track them anytime and be updated in real-time. Especially during these rough times due to this new crisis affecting everyone.

Our items are handled by USPS in the USA. This company has excellent track records and the estimated delivery date is always accurate.

The estimated delivery time to the USA is 5-15 days.

5-15 days
shipping cost: $ 19.95 per order
United Kingdom:
5-15 days
shipping cost: $ 19.95 per order
5-15 days
free shipping
Rest of Europe:
5-15 days
shipping cost: $ 4.95 per order
Canada / Australia / Japan:

10-15 days
shipping cost: $ 9.95 per order
Rest of the world:
10-50 days (depending on the country)
shipping cost: $ 9.95 per order

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Our e-commerce history began back in 2010, so it has been more than a decade now, and since then we are proud to say that we have sent our products everywhere around the world! Our company was established back in 1987 though!

We started by using platforms such as eBay and amazon, and later we created our first e-shop which you can find here (it will still be active!).

If you still need some clarifications we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please send us an email directly here: