Artificial leather Steering Wheel Cover

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Ideal for all the car models!

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  • The artificial leather steering wheel cover is a type of artificial leather that has the look and feel of genuine leather.
  • The artificial leather wheel cover is available in many colors.
  • Thread is also available in black, grey, beige, blue, and red colors.
  • You get a steering wheel cover, 1 double-sided tape, 1 sewing thread, and 1 needle.
  • The steering wheel cover is custom fitted in each steering wheel.
  • Steering wheel cover is available in 3 sizes : 36 cm (small) , 38 cm (medium) and 40 cm (large).
  • The steering wheel cover is also suitable for a steering wheel with an airbag.
  • You don’t have to remove the original leather before the installation.
  • These materials & colors are generally not OEM.
  • Steering Wheel Cover is easy to install. You can see a video on youtube and if you still have a problem with the installation you could contact us.
  • Highly Durable- 3 YEARS GUARANTEE. 

Additional information

Genuine leather colour

Black, Red, Maroon, Blue, Tan Beige, Sugan Beige

Thread colour

Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Beige

Steering Wheel Diameter

36 cm (small), 38 cm (medium), 40 cm (large)