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  • Series 3 1991-1998 Sedan & Coupe
  • Series 5 1988 – 2003 Sedan
  • other bmw models

Choose your BMW model and the color combination you’d like!




  • Leatherette is a form of artificial leather, made by covering a fabric base with polyvinyl chloride which is tough and has the look and feel of genuine leather.
  • You are getting full set seat covers: one for the driver’s side, one for the front passenger’s side and for the back seats as well- Headrest covers included.
  • These seat covers cover the whole seat, not only the front surface but the back as well. This is the only difference between this product and this product.
    Therefore the installation may be a little bit more difficult.
  • For some vehicle models you may have to remove the rear seats in order to install these seat cover.
  • They are made to fit perfectly on BMW‘s seats.
  • These seat covers are placed over the original seat upholstery. You should not remove the original upholstery. If you have placed additional seat covers, it is better to remove them.
  • Sometimes the colors may vary due to different cameras or computer monitor.
  • These materials & colors are generally not OEM.
  • Air bags: These seat covers allow the air bags to deploy freely.
  • No Professional Installation Required: (EASY FIX SYSTEM)
    These seat covers are designed to be easily installed, no tools needed. These can be installed in minutes. They are also easily removed.
  • These seat covers cover whole the front surface of the seats and the upper place of the rear surface for an easy installation.
  • It is washable but only by using lukewarm water.
  • Highly Durable – Sponge/Foam Padding.



Additional information

Rear Seats Type

Coupe Split 50-50, Sedan Non split with armrest, Sedan Non split without armrest

Leatherette in the Middle

Black, Beige (Tan), Light Beige (Sugar), Grey, Blue, Red, Maroon

Leatherette at the Sides

Black, Beige (Tan), Light Beige (Sugar), Grey, Blue, Red, Maroon

Synthetic Surface in the Back

Black, Beige, Grey

BMW Model

Sedan 316i 1990-1998, Sedan 318i 1990-1998, Sedan 318is 1992-1998, Sedan 320i 1991-1998, Sedan 323i 1995-1998, Sedan 325i 1991-1995, Sedan 328i 1994-1998, Sedan 318tds 1994-1998, Sedan 325td 1991-1998, Sedan 325tds 1993-1998, Sedan M3 1992-1995, Coupe 316i 1993-1998, Coupe 318is 1992-1999, Coupe 320i 1992-1999, Coupe 323i 1995-1999, Coupe 325i 1992-1995, Coupe 328i 1995-1999, E-34 518i Sedan, E-34 520i Sedan, E-34 525i Sedan, E-34 525ix Sedan, E-34 530i Sedan, E-34 540i Sedan, E-34 m5 Sedan, E-34 524td Sedan, E-34 525td Sedan, E-34 525tds Sedan, E-39 520i Sedan, E-39 523i Sedan, E-39 525i Sedan, E-39 528i Sedan, E-39 530i Sedan, E-39 535i Sedan, E-39 540i Sedan, E-39 520d Sedan, E-39 525d Sedan, E-39 525td Sedan, E-39 525tds Sedan, E-39 530d Sedan, E-39 m5 Sedan, Other (Please contact us about the model)


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