BLACK RHOMBUS (with Red Stitching) | BLACK LEATHERETTE – Front Set

$164.25 Price Including tax


Ideal for

  • FORTWO (450, 451, 452, 453)



For further color combinations click here!
    • Rhombus Leatherette seat covers with leatherette on the sides:
      Rhombus Leatherette is a special design of leatherette (aka “Vegan Leather”) and it is a form of artificial leather, made by covering a fabric base with polyvinyl chloride which is tough and has the look and feel of genuine leather.
    • You are getting two seat covers: one for the driver’s side and one for the front passenger’s side – Headrest covers included.
    • Logo: If you choose the logo option, you will get two logos, one on the driver’s seat cover and one on the front passenger’s.
    • They are made to fit perfectly on SMART‘s seats.
    • These seat covers are placed over the original seat upholstery. You should not remove the original upholstery. If you have placed additional seat covers, it is better to remove them.
    • Sometimes the colors may vary due to different cameras or computer monitors.
    • These materials & colors are generally not OEM.
    • Airbags: These seat covers allow the airbags to deploy freely.
    • No Professional Installation Required: (EASY FIX SYSTEM)
      These seat covers are designed to be easily installed, no tools are needed. These can be installed in minutes. They are also easily removed.
    • These seat covers cover whole the front surface of the seats and the upper place of the rear surface for easy installation.
    • It is washable but only by using lukewarm water.
    • Highly Durable – Sponge/Foam Padding.

    Press here for video Installation Instructions.

    Additional information

    SMART Model

    Fortwo 450 1998-2007 599cc 698cc 799cc, Fortwo 451 2007-2014 999cc, Fortwo 453 2015-now with cutting side belt, Fortwo 453 2015-now without cutting side belt, Smart Roadster 452


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