VELOUR Seat Covers

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Velour seat covers with synthetic on the sides.

Ideal for

  • all FIAT models
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  • You are getting two seat covers: one for the driver’s side and one for the front passenger’s side – Headrest covers included.
  • They are made to fit perfectly on FIAT‘s seats.
  • These seat covers are placed over the original seat upholstery. You should not remove the original upholstery. If you have placed additional seat covers, it is better to remove them.
  • Sometimes the colors may vary due to different cameras or computer monitors.
  • These materials & colors are generally not OEM.
  • Airbags: These seat covers allow the airbags to deploy freely.
  • No Professional Installation Required: (EASY FIX SYSTEM)
    These seat covers are designed to be easily installed, no tools are needed. These can be installed in minutes. They are also easily removed.
  • These seat covers cover whole the front surface of the seats and the upper place of the rear surface for easy installation.
  • It is washable but only by using lukewarm water.
  • Highly Durable – Sponge/Foam Padding.

         Press here for video Installation Instructions.  

Additional information

Color in the middle (Velour)

Tan (Beige), Grey, Black, Red, Blue, Charcoal

Color on the sides (Synthetic)

Tan (Beige), Grey, Black, Red, Blue


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